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About Your Trip

Your day with me will start most commonly before daylight. We’ll meet at the most convenient place for everyone which most likely will be at the boat ramp where we’ll launch, or at the local bait shop. No matter what time we start your day with me will be from the time we start until we limit out or you say it’s time to go home!

Unlike most guides, My boat has a windshield a top and a heater for your comfort. The weather will predict whether or not I have the top up.

I will supply everything you will need for fishing; boat, rods & reels, all bait and tackle an ice chest for cold drinks.

You will need a valid California fishing license, a steelhead report card if we are fishing for steelhead, Sturgeon report card if we’re fishing for sturgeon as well as Striper, a two rod stamp is optional.

Dress for cold weather; remember it’s always colder on the water than it is at home. It’s best to dress in layers because as cold as it is in the morning it gets pretty warm in the afternoon.

The sun’s reflection off the water is pretty strong so remember the sunscreen as well as insect repellent. I do carry some on board but it’s best to bring your own.

Pack a lunch, sandwiches, cold chicken etc. Preferably a lunch you can eat with one hand because you’ll be catching fish with the other. Bring some cold drinks; remember I’ll have an ice chest on board…….