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About Your Guide

I have lived in the area I guide in my whole life. I’m in my fifties now and have hunted and fished Nor Cal all of my life, giving me more chapters in my playbook than others have pages in theirs! Setting fishing aside for a moment, I have taken Pope & Young record class game with my bow in Nor Cal. Such as Bear, sheep and the one I’m the most proud of a 174 6/8, 7×7 Buck. All of my fish and game have been taken in areas open to the general public.

Back to fishing; I have fished the Sacramento, Feather and Yuba Rivers for over three decades. Giving me the fish catching experience that there’s no substitute for. Although river fishing is my first love, I do enjoy some lake fishing. I do guide on some lakes to fill in the holes between seasons on the river.

My friends and relatives had told me for years before I got my guides license, I should. Being amazed at the enjoyment I get from watching someone else catching fish, as well as helping him or her to become a better fisherman. Not satisfied just being on the cutting edge, but creating tomorrow’s next best thing.
Your day with me will be from the time we start until we limit out the boat or you say it’s time to go home. So come spend the day with me and let’s create some hand shaking, high fiving, life long friendships and memories…